About me

Steve Johns

I am a photographer, mainly concentrating on an exploration of architectural constructions and their impact which is why my first gallery on this web site is “Architecture”, followed by the parallel gallery  “Atmospheres".

The next gallery on this web site will be “Reportage” as I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association and The Society of International Media and Press Photographers, doing reportages of demonstrations and events when my timetable permits.  I  always have some form of a camera with me and this has resulted in - among other things - my having being published in a national UK newspaper with some shots being carried on BBC and ITV newscasts.  

I travel a lot but am based in Brussels and Rome.

Born in Cornwall, a magical and mysterious corner of the British Isles whose beauties are the foundation of my visual awareness, I have always had a passion for photography. My first steps were taken with a plastic camera from Woolworths and then a Kodak Box Brownie. I learned the basic techniques of photography with the 1940s Zeiss Ikon which I inherited from my Grandfather and I have been building on this experience ever since. Despite a demanding earlier career, my eye has never ceased questioning my surroundings.

I am convinced that in the modern world of frantic perpetual movement, of ephemeral “Tweets” and omnipresent cell 'phone videos, the ability to capture a crucial moment or insight and to preserve it in a still image is more important then ever. Through my photography I try to make people aware of the deeper aspects of things and scenes next to and through which they routinely pass without ever really seeing them and to stimulate a reaction, hopefully also provoking a questioning of where are we, who are we and where we think we are going.

Now a full time photographer, I am careful to leave enough time to pursue my personal projects. Like many others I welcome the possibilities offered by the digital revolution to extend my vision. However, it is individual perception, not the possibilities given by ever more sophisticated cameras and post-processing, which makes a  photographer. There is no substitute for an eye, training and experience. My attitude is best summed up by the often quoted reply to the question “What camera do you use?” …”A black one!"

A view of travel and travelling

A view of travel and travelling I love being in and exploring a new place, but I hate the process of travelling to get there, particularly by air. I just cannot see the romance of queuing with suitcases at airport check-in counters, having to almost undress at the security barriers, being...

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Holding on to family memories

Holding on to family memories As well as “photographers’ photographs”, like everybody else, I take family snaps. Aspects of every family event, holiday, social happenings with friends, etc., are photographed, imported into Lightroom, sorted and some are p...

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Giving up rugby

Giving up rugby In my thirties, I finally decided that my rugby playing days were over after a painful match (in borrowed boots) of Fathers v. the First VX at the British School of Brussels. I had not played for a few years but foolishly agreed to take part in...

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